Gin and Tonic Macarons in the Leeds Corn Exchange

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At Taylor and Bennett we like gin. We like festivals. And we also like iconic buildings in Leeds. No surprise then that when the three were combined we had to be involved. We spent the past two Bank Holiday Weekends at The Gin Vodka Festival held in Leeds Corn Exchange. It was the perfect event to launch our limited edition Gin and Tonic Macarons.

The Gin Vodka Co showcased over 80 types of gin and over 30 vodkas - all served with an array of mixers and garnishes that complement the individual flavours of the spirit. From a marmalade vodka to a 60% Shetland powerhouse gin the variety was huge. There was also an opportunity to meet the distillers and gain insight into the myriad complexities of the distilling process.

Our favourite gin was made by Leeds Gin. Made in tiny batches of only 35 litres Leeds Gin is made in a traditional copper still and uses wonderful Yorkshire ingredients such as rhubarb and local honey in the botanicals. We had to use this delicious gin in our macarons.


Gin and Tonic is quite a difficult flavour to reproduce in a macaron. After much research we found what we think is pretty close. We started by reducing a large amount of tonic down to a tiny amount of syrup, added fresh lime juice and from this made a lime and tonic buttercream. We then took the Leeds Gin and made a sort of ‘gin gel’. We piped the buttercream onto the macaron shells and then piped the gel inside the cream before sealing. So once you bite through the macaron you get sweetness, sharpness from the lime, then the gin and then more sweetness at the end.

We really enjoyed working with both Leeds Gin and the Gin Vodka Co and the G+T Macarons are selling well. They are a limited edition flavour though so get some before they go!

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