The Great Taste Awards 2017

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Last week we were waiting patiently for the results of The Great Taste Awards. For those of you who don’t know, these awards are held annually and have been described as both the ‘Oscars of the food world’ and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Serious stuff, then. Over 500 judges tasted and marked 12,366 food and drink products at 62 judging days throughout March to July. Of these only 35% received an award which gives an indication of the extremely high standards. The awards are organised by The Guild of Fine Food who are synonymous with championing artisan food producers across the UK.

When the results came in we were absolutely delighted when both the products we entered won a gold star. We won a star for our Hazelnut Praline Macarons and for our Parkin Cinder Toffee. What made the star for our Parkin Cinder Toffee even more special is that the results came out on Yorkshire Day and we can’t think of a more Yorkshire flavour than Parkin!!!

Hazelnut Praline Macarons

We hand-pipe the macaron shells and top them with roasted, nibbed hazelnuts before baking. The filling is made from a combination of beautiful, caramelised hazelnuts and a silky smooth chocolate ganache. It is a classic flavour combination that we feel is hard to beat.

Here is what the judges had to say about our macarons:

“These macarons melt in the mouth. There is a lovely flavour of hazelnut coming through”

“The texture of the macaron and ganache are well nigh perfect”

“The intensity of the hazelnut is a real wow - and the level of filling is just right”

Parkin Cinder Toffee

This cinder toffee holds a special place in our hearts for a number of reasons. First of all the flavour is unmistakably Yorkshire and makes us long for our childhood days huddled round the fire on Bonfire night. Also, it has been a real labour of love. Adding the different treacles and spices altered the chemical structure of the traditional cinder toffee and getting the texture perfect has been a very long process over a number of years. Dan first thought of the idea when he was at college working on a chocolate competition. There were many, many disasters and disappointments in getting the flavour and texture right so we are really pleased to have some recognition for this product.

Here are the judges’ comments about our Parkin Cinder Toffee:

“Glossy pieces of cinder toffee. Clear flavours of treacle and ginger shine through, well balanced, neither overwhelms”

“Pleasing warmth from the ginger with satisfying rich treacle notes. Definitely tastes like Parkin!”

“Fun, crunchy, but a real grown up toffee”

If you’d like to try either of our winning products you can purchase through our website or our Facebook page.

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